How to order

Pick up order yourself until 16:00 and get 20% discount!

Minimum order amount with delivery is 20€.
The delivery of orders exceeding 95€ (including discount) is free of charge within Tallinn.

We take last orders 15 minutes before closing.

Information about allergens can be obtained from the administrator by calling phone number 55580030.

  • faq1

  • 1. Products selection

    Add the products you like to shopping cart by clicking on the icon next to the product. All selected products will appear in your shopping cart and will remain there, waiting for further actions.

  • 2. Review of products

    List of selected products can be found in the shopping cart, which is located on the right side of the page. You can open the list of selected products by pointing the mouse cursor on the shopping cart.

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  • 3. Placing an order

    Orders can be made in two ways:
    1) By calling our phone number 555 800 30 and telling us numbers or names of selected products.
    2) By clicking in the shopping cart on Checkout → button.

  • 4. Order information.

    On the Checkout page, fill in the required fields and choose the appropriate area of the city for sushi delivery or if you wish, you can visit us and pick up your order yourself.

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  • Confirmation.

    When ordering by phone, we will confirm the order right away and notify how much time it will take.

    When ordering online we will contact you by phone within the next 5 minutes to confirm the order. If the waiting time took more than 5 minutes, please call us at 555 800 30 and confirm the order. You may also contact us directly to confirm your order.

  • Delivery.

    Sushi delivery prices can be found on the map located at the bottom of the page or in Checkout section when selecting a suitable area.